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I've been having weird dreams.

1st - the other night I had a dream about the coming of the locusts, which I told and asked some people about. I woke up and it was so vivid in my mind, I thought it was a memory. In the dream I was at a Starbucks or something - Im not sure if it actually was starbucks, it actually seemed like a strip mall or a grocery store or something, but it had the kind of atmosphere like the Barret Pkway starbucks, with all the cars and people everywhere and lots of noise. Melissa was there and she pulled up in a mustang convertible and was like "Hey!" and I was trying to save the locuts that looked all sweet and innocent like with pokemon eyes. It was interesting. It affected me in a weird way and I was asking people all day what locusts symbolized. I figured it out but it didnt help me. Oh well.

2nd - the other night I dreamt that the Iraqis converted the US soldiers and our troops switched to their side and started slaughtering Americans. People were running everywhere and forced to fight to save their lives and I was shooting the soldiers and watching people die. It was disturbing. Again, I woke up and questioned whether it was a memory. Im glad it wasnt.

Chad had a weird dream the other night too, that he was a ghost and someone was trying to kill me and his family and he was powerless to stop it.

And last night I think in my dream I was at a carnival or something and I was on the ferrs wheel and I jumped off of it or something.

Anyway, Im hungry, peace out.
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