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so I'm moving out of the apartment now, and into probably my old old room at my aunt's house (my old house). It's strange, but the easiest choice. I didnt really take full advantage of the fact that I lived in that apartment. Karie and I had a weird, tense relationship and whenever I was around her she made me feel like I was very small, whether it was on purpose or not. It intimidated me to be around her because she was always mad about something I did. It's like a parent you avoid because for some reason or another you're always in trouble. Because of this, and the fact that I had no money for food and the only way I could eat was at CHad's, I wasn't at the apartment much. Even though Karie and I resolved many things in the end, I will be glad to get away from the tense mess of a home I had there.

So anyway, Im in the process of packing up and only have today and tomorrow to finish most of it. I have to go to a store and get more boxes. It will probably be target cuz my mom gave me her Target charge so I can get some clothes. I have close to nothing in summer clothes. One pair of shorts that dont fit me, a couple tank tops and old t-shirts, all of which are years old. Time for something new. Also, I tried on my bikini from a couple years ago and woah have I gained weight. That was a little depressing, but hey, what can ya do. Guess I should stop eating ice cream/cookies like every single day :).

Im going on vacation saturday for a week - Satellite Beach in Florida. Im really excited - I havent been to the beach in years :) It's just a little hectic trying to getting everything accomplished beforehand.

My dad sent me some money finally and Im able to pay back a lot of the money I owe people, so that is awesome. Now I need a job so I can continue to get out of debt and then stay out of debt. A while ago I was gonna apply at starbucks but I doubt they're still hiring. My mom said I could go through I temp agency or whatever and they'd find me an office job. We'll see.

Okay now I must go get boxes/clothes/money and pack. Toodles.

Oh, and I love you everyone! so much.
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