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peace. love. and something else.

okay so i definitely dont write in here very often, but I resolve to adjust those habits a bit.

here are some tidbits of what i'm up to:

**Chad and I made orange cream milk shakes last night - yummy yummy, and watched Punch Drunk Love - so great! rent it! weird/hilarious, wonderful

**started doing pilates - pretty easy to learn, im really sore so i know it's doing something, and i didnt have to pay for the dvd - groovy

**great fun at david's party saturday - some wild moments and great bean dip, then adventures in Shiloh Valley Overlook

**eating a lot of salad lately - Wendy's new southwest caesar salad is recommended

**had the best sandwich ever in the world today - chicken pesto um... something something... from Atlanta Bread Company - my mouth had an orgasm

**i have, as mentioned in previous entry, moved back into my old house w/ my aunt: i still have things to unpack and organize, the satellite in my room needs hooking up, and clothes are everywhere, but im gettin there - im so bad about that kinda stuff... procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate

**ran into Kami Jafari from high school at the mall recently and he owns one of those stand things, and is gonna hook me up with a job hopefully right away: $6 an hour plus 10% commission of what's sold - not bad, eh?

**watching too much tv/bumming around a lot lately and not doing stuff i need to be doing. I need to stop that!

**i HAVE been writing some, so that's good, and drawing also. And I want to start reading Brave New World finally or the Radiant Heart

Well I believe that's about all I can think of for now.
Chad's having a concert Saturday at Cool Beans in Marrietta Square if anyone's interested. It's starts at 8:00 but there's two people opening for him so he'll probably go on about 10.
He's playing with a band this time and is excited about it so it'd be great if anyone can make it. Oh, and it's free.

Love you all.
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