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Had an interview at Charlotte Russe today... seems as though I'll probably be hired. I shall know by Monday. Yayyy! Job! No seriously, I NEED the money in a major way. My aunt freaked out on me today when I talked to her about rent and my car payment to her. Like I can help it that I dont have money yet. I've been trying to get a job for a month. Usually I can ask my Dad or Mom and eventually it works out so I have the money, but right now my Dad seems to be in jail or something, cuz he's not returning my calls and last I heard he was going to court for a DUI. Lovely. And my mom is building a house so all her money is going into that. Whatever, Im just glad Im not living at an apartment still, cuz I would be a lot more panicked. With my aunt, I just listen to her bugging me about money until I have it. So it's all good.

So is Andrew coming back Saturday for sure? is this just a rumor? I probably have to call someone and find out, dont I. Okay then.

hmmm...nothing more to say, I dont think...

Oh yes! I have brownies, and the Secretary, and F-Zero. Zippidy doo :)
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