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*Ceara Elise*
12 October
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I generally just try to be a nice person and I love life and everyone that has love to give :)
80's songs, accents, american beauty, amélie, art, astrology, autumn, awareness, awayke, ballet, baz luhrmann, ben & jerry's, ben folds five, bjork, books, britney spears, broadway, buffy the vampire slayer, butch, butterflies, candles, chai, cheesecake, chinese takeout, christmas, clothes, clueless, coldplay, conan obrien, concerts, counting crows, cuddling, cute people, dancing, dark angel, dessert, dr. katz, drawing, dreaming, emo, finch, fiona apple, flip flops, food, fortune cookies, france, frank sinatra, fred & ginger, french, fruit roll-ups, giving massages, gizmo, glitter, gone with the wind, hair, halloween, harold and maude, home movies, hugs, ice cream, incense, inside jokes, inspirations, jazz, jewel, jimmy fallon, john cusack, john lennon, jump little children, kevin smith movies, kisses, kitties, laughing, libra, life, lilies, lip gloss, love, madonna, marvelous 3, moulin rouge, movies, music, musicals, my friends, my so called life, nature, nighttime, oldies music, orangina, parties, pasta, pete suck rust, pink things, poe, pop music, portishead, powerpuff girls, pretty things, psychology, pud thai, punk rock, purple, radiohead, rain, red, reel big fish, ren & stimpy, rock, rocking out, rufus wainwright, save ferris, secretary, sex and the city, sexy underwear, shakespeare, sifl & olly, singing, six feet under, ska, sleep, smiling, smugface, soy milk, sparkles, spirituality, sunrises, sunsets, sushi, sweaters, tarot, that thing you do, the beach, the beatles, the ocean, the sundays, theatre, thesauruses, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tiramisu, traveling, vanilla, vanilla soup, violin, water, weezer, whipped cream, writing poetry, zach galifianakis

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