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it's all much more than it seems

hoopity doopity, my psych class is cancelled, hoopity doopity i just wrote this entry and lost it thanks to my dumbassness, so yeah...

so anyway i came here to the computer lab with the intention of writing some of my french composition, but that doesnt look like it's happening at the moment. im always attracted to the internet. cuz you know, it's so sexy.

wow, i never write in here, do i?
oh well, im always caught up in nothingness...
well, sometimes it's everythingness as well.

this is boring, sorry...
i still havent gone to the clinic (although i tried to today)
or to the financial aid office (although i tried this today too)
i still havent gotten a job (although i intend to apply somewhere tonight)
but im also still doing fine in my classes, thank goodness
or thanks to my wonderful intelligence and studiousness, hmm, indeed.

i want some chai...*sigh*
excuse me while i walk to class now, to the other side of the universe, the Aderhold galaxy...
where i shall pass by a starbucks
and whine
and long for my dear friend
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