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sooooo thirrrrstyyyy

what is "accounts payable?" If there's an obvious answer to that question, I'm sorry, but I'm clueless. Sales.... stuff?

Sooo... bored at work again... If it werent for this job I might still never update my journal. Of course, there isnt really much to say anyway, so basically these are just inane ramblings of a so-so employee. I have no idea what Im doing at this job, it's amazing. I'm grateful for this job because it pays well, and I do basically nothing except answer phones (which I dont do well at times) and mail stuff. Every time I have to do something besides these things, someone explains to me how to do it... and since that takes a certain amount of time anyway, then wouldnt they probably be better off doing it themselves? So why do they even need a person like me, anyway? Oh well, Im grateful, and who cares...

The other day I referred to myself jokingly as "Spanish-ish" and did a little dance... but I dont even speak spanish... is the thing. It'd be so much easier if I did - then when I went to Dairy Queen, I wouldnt have awkward moment #8 with the Mexican lady at the register.

Disheveled = moi. I feel like a starving orphan. "Nobody loves me..." :(
OOps I did it again, I forgot to put deodorant on this morning, I just realized. Good thing it's not like 80 degrees again today... in NOVEMBER! Yesterday I was sitting out on the deck and there was mosquito actually attempting to feed off me. I told it to go home. It didnt listen, so I smashed it.

Maybe I'll write a novel... I'll call it, "Mosquitos in November." Kind of like Dancing in September or whatever it's called... there is something called that, isnt there? Im not just imagining things? Speaking of novels, I'd like to read what you were writing, Lissa... you have some great ideas, so I can expect it doesnt really "suck." Who made the Floyd the Be All and End All? Who said he was the bee's knees? He's just one person. So I'd like the link or whatnot, cuz Im interested.

Welp, that's all for today folks.
Oh yeah, and I won a cruise to the Bahamas, and your mom eats oranges.
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