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I'm tired... no I'm sick of always feeling like Im on hold. Waiting for everything to begin. Maybe Im not doing everything I can... I mean of course Im not. But I'm struggling and trying and sorting things out in my head and in the physical world. Today I will see hopefully what is going to happen, get a hint toward whether or not anything could happen, and hopefully by the end of the night I with just feel better overall. But of course nothing ever happens the way you want it to, right? So something will be unexpected, and most likey I will again be on hold - just in a different, hopefully more changed way. I guess my word for the day is Hopefully. Actually more my word for this era of my life.

In concusion, hopefully everyone is doing okay is one way or another. Melissa, Christina, Jamie, Dom, Ryan, Luke, David, Jon, Colin, Jenni, Kevin, Chad, and everyone I either dont know personally, or who I didnt mention off the top of my scattered brain at the moment... love you all, and hope you're swell, and everything's creamy and good.
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