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the fun of being no one

So I know that Im screwed up in the head, but really, who isnt in some way? I like writing in here, but I havent even been online in a while because a while back when I was insanely depressed, I did nothing else but watch movies and stay online all day. So randomly over the past couple years Ive gotten online but I can count on one hand the amount of times it's been. Weird.

Im not exactly going through a great time in my life. I'm in pain every single day. I have no money. I never feel like doing anything - always exhausted, often down in my mood. I dont like my living situation, but it's acceptable. But I do have a great job and a lot of love in my life. If it werent for these things I would be completely lost. So for now Im just partially lost. ANd there's a difference between partially lost, and all lost...

To Do:
...open tomorrrow at work
...clean, clean, clean
...go to the mountain
(it's sad when you need to put "shower" on your to do list}

Today I:
...finished reading A Wind in the Door and read half of A Swiftly Tilting Planet
(so much awesomeness in such small books)
...worked 5:30am to noon
...slept until 7ish pm
...forgot to give my aunt money like an idiot
...ate sickeningly sweet baklava cheesecake
...ended up making Amy feel worse about her boyfriend and life (go me!)

I suck. Anyway, gotta get up at 5:30am, time for bed.
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